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The Borders of Your Inheritance
Joshua is the young military leader who brought the children of Israel into the Promise Land.  His name is the equivalent of Yeshua, which means salvation.   When Joshua died he was buried in the border of his inheritance.  There is a site...MORE

I believe in the God of miracles.  There is nothing too hard for God, for with God all things are possible, if you only believe. What does it mean to believe? That is a good question.  This week on Faith Now I deal with the subject of how to use your faith to receive your miracle from God. Whether you need a healing or financial deliverance, the word of God promises to give you the miracle you need and and the miracle that you want.  I have personally experienced many physical and financial miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit and faith in the word of God. This 2-part series will increase your faith and understanding of God's ability to work in your situation. Watch this week for Faith Now.  I invite you to send your prayer requests and praise reports to me at prayer@johnwsmithjr.com 

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